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Coaching Services

The way to work, lead, and live with others always arises from human perception and image. In Good Stories, a person is always seen as a unique and valuable individual who has a positive and realistic attitude towards themselves and others. This individual is capable of changing the things that are important to them. They learn and develop constantly. They are social beings who act both rationally and emotionally. They tolerate incompleteness in themselves and in others. The trust and safe atmosphere allows their creativity to blossom and supports their quest to do and experience something meaningful. 

The coaching we offer is based on the human image described above. We work with leaders, employees and entrepreneurs. The coaching sessions usually last 1-2 months and are designed to be effective and practical. Our most popular coaching package, especially when it comes to job hunting, is Storytelling.

Why Storytelling skills are such a powerful tool? The reason why one job candidate’s application gets them noticed while another’s lands them in the reject pile: emotion. Recruiters may think they make decisions based purely on logic, but their feelings play just as large of a role. It’s human nature. Emotions drive how connected we feel to other people, and those connections lead us to perceive someone in either a positive or a negative light. The quickest way to land on the “positive” side of that equation is simple: We help our clients to tell a good story on their resume, in their cover letter, and during their interview. 

Ask for more information about our training packages, and we will customize a package that suits your needs!

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